Hello, I'm IvaMichele!

Thank you so much for visiting my store.

I created this shop because I love to be active. I run, bike, and have done a dozen triathlons, and am always looking forward to my next event. I have met so many of my wonderful friends through running, Crossfit, and other activities. As someone who had never run a mile before 2013, and who did her first triathlon without really knowing how to swim, I can relate to everyone who feels they want to start training but don't know where to begin or what to set as a goal.  

I never considered myself an athlete, and honestly still don't. And so many of my friends feel the same way. But I am, and they are too!

Since my first 10k in 2013, I have run 16 half-marathons and completed over a dozen triathlons. In 2019, I plan to complete my first half-Ironman at Ironman Arizona 70.3, so wish me luck on my journey. My husband Chuck completed his first full Ironman in 2018, and I am hoping to join him in achieving that remarkable accomplishment in the next few years myself! 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read this, and I hope the products we offer help you improve your performance and help you achieve your next goal, whether it be a 5k or an Ironman, or simply just mastering a new yoga pose!

I'll see you at the start line!